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The Borderline Cycle

The Borderline Cycle 1 We are born, innocent and free 2 Somebody else does something bad to us that we don't cause or deserve(trauma) We don't even know it's happening 3 As we grow up, so does our fear of abandonment and rejection, and we don't even know why it's happening 4 We seek out the love, approval, and assurance we never got and desperately need 5 We are rejected, abandoned, villianized, and gaslighted, further proving that we are indeed as worthless as we believe 6 Repeat #4 7 Repeat #5 8 over and over, until we die, either by natural causes or by our own hand, never having been able to experience truly being loved, the one thing we desperately needed to heal from something we did not cause or deserve, the thing we searched for our whole life BPD Support Group Facebook BPD Support Group Meetup